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Energy Pie for Pacing


Imagine your energy as a daily pie - any type of pie you’d like it to be, perhaps sweet or savory, or even a pie chart if you prefer (NB. this is a metaphor, and not about the food we eat). For whatever reason, you may have found that your pie has significantly reduced in size from what it used to be. Now that’s not an easy thing to just accept, so do spend time working towards acceptance around that.


1) You get one pie per day

2) Your body (energy capacity) determines the size of your pie, not your mind

3) Having more than your pie per day makes tomorrow’s pie smaller

4) You can store leftover pie to make future pies bigger

5) Slices of pie store better than crumbs!

So consider how you’re consuming your daily energy pie - perhaps all at once, too quickly, or using up future days’ pies?

And what are you spending that energy pie on? Strictly necessary/ necessary but not urgent/ unnecessary? Unenjoyable/ enjoyable? Things for other people/ things for yourself? How else might you categorise this?  

With this awareness:

How can your energy pie last you through the day?

- Consider when in the day you typically have the most and least energy. Can you tailor your day’s activities to be more aligned with YOUR energy patterns?

- Can you prioritise your activities differently, e.g. necessary things and things that support your recovery?

- Are you able to say no to things that take too much of your energy pie or aren’t the best use of it? (And in doing so, saying yes to the preservation of your pie!)

Can you even perhaps store some leftover pie away for future days?

This requires stopping before you’ve used up your daily pie. (Challenging, we know!) Understanding the size of your average daily pie really supports this (your ‘baseline’). Then, rather than letting your body tell you via fatigue/ other symptoms that the pie has been used up already, you anticipate this, and take rest before that point.

If all this was easy, then we’d just do it. But we know this takes discipline, so what can support that? Having a goal in mind - what are you saving your energy pie up for? And when you’ve got consistently bigger daily pies again, how would you like to be using those in satisfying, rewarding ways that nourish and sustain you?

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