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Mindful Moments


It’s easy for us to find ourselves keeping going with our busyness in our day’s activities, and thinking that we’ll take time to relax sometime later. One of the problems, though, with that can be that our nervous system gets used to being in that state of alertness or switched on-ness, and as such, it can become harder for us to calm our nervous system back down into a relaxed state. Indeed we can get so used to being in a heightened nervous system state that we can normalise to it, and almost forget or become disconnected from what it truly feels like to be relaxed.

So how can we remind ourselves what it feels like to be relaxed, and train ourselves to be able to more easily calm our nervous system?

One way is to use some of the Therapeutic Relaxation techniques that I share in the Mindful Moments session. And for some quick and easy interventions in our day when we can take even as little as a minute, or more like a few minutes if possible, to do some of the following mindful exercises:

PAT DOWN - with light to medium pressure, use the fingers of both hands, starting on the top of your head, and very simply begin to pat down your body - head, neck, shoulders, left arm, right arm, torso, back, hips, left leg, right leg and down to your feet. Feel the sensation on your skin and in your body and notice how your body feels to be reconnected with, and notice what it feels like to be aware of your body. Enjoy that feeling!

TOUCH & BREATHE - Take either hand and place it on your chest across your collar bone applying gentle pressure. Hold it there and simply become aware of your breath and take some conscious breaths in and out. Move your hand to apply gentle pressure to the inside wrist of the opposite arm and again take some conscious breaths. Notice how it feels, and notice how easy that would be to do even if there are other people around - a great way to calm yourself whilst in social or public settings.  

5 SENSES - Notice 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can feel, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste.

ORIENTING - Starting by turning your head to look to one side of you, and begin to look around the environment you are in, scanning your head and neck and eyes up and down, and gently from side of you to the other, taking in all that you see around you. Continue to do this, perhaps beginning to scan back the other way and as you do so, become conscious of your breath, noticing yourself taking some breaths in and out as you scan your eyes around your environment. Finally as you continue to slowly scan side to side, with awareness of your breathing, you may also like to bring in awareness of your contact points with the seat or ground beneath you and feel how those hold your body.  

GRATITUDE VIBRATIONS - Take a moment to tune into the following:

Something I am grateful for today is…

Someone I am grateful for today is…

I am grateful to myself today for…

Notice how you feel having acknowledged gratitude.

For more explanation and a chance to take part in these exercises with my guidance, please do have a listen to the Mindful Moments full session.

Elise Holmes, Therapeutic Coach

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