Our services

Salus's services have been developed and shaped by over a decade of learning and experience from our team's own experiences and health practitioners' expert knowledge. We offer positive support and encouragement to individuals dealing with fatigue, whether it's related to conditions like ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Coeliac disease, PTSD, Brain Injury, Hormonal Changes, Depression, Anxiety, or the lingering effects of Covid-19/long covid. Our goal is to share insights, foster understanding, and guide you towards improved well-being through online and face-to-face support.

Join us as we continue to stand by you on your path to better health.

How can we help?

Support Groups and Workshops

Welcome to our charity's support groups and workshops, designed to help people dealing with fatigue and related issues. We cover various topics, like how your diet affects energy levels (with some tasty smoothie samples!), and we explore gentle exercises such as yoga and Tai Chi to enhance the mind-body connection.

Learn practical strategies for managing your energy levels through pacing techniques. Connect with others facing similar challenges in our interactive support groups. Discover tips on boosting your immunity, navigating menopause, and taking care of your mental health. Finally, find peace in meditation and relaxation sessions, learning tools to handle stress.

Our community is all about understanding and supporting each other, creating a safe space for those looking to boost their vitality and well-being. You can find the full timetable for our upcoming face to face and online sessions by visiting our online calendar.

The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub

Explore Salus' new online Fatigue Wellbeing Hub, a convenient extension of our support program now accessible to more people dealing with fatigue.

Join us on a guided wellbeing journey, where you can make informed choices for your health. We cover various aspects like environment, nutrition, mental health, movement, and relaxation, aiming for positive outcomes and a better grasp of managing fatigue symptoms.

The Hub introduces content gradually to encourage a steady learning pace, allowing you to make practical lifestyle choices. There is also a space for you to write your own notes and save them to your account as you learn. Our videos, led by experienced Health Practitioners, are complemented by easy-to-understand factsheets and advice from our team's own experiences.

Topics include nutrition guidance, meditation, gentle movement, Pilates, massage, sleep improvement, and breathing techniques. If you're looking for positive support and guidance in managing fatigue symptoms, subscribe to the Fatigue Wellbeing Hub.

We also offer a free Community Hub where you can discover a range of engaging video content, including live Facebook events, workshops, and webinar recordings. Our diverse team, including Nutritional Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Pilates Instructors, and Sports Massage Therapists, offers insights from 2020 to 2024. Join our dynamic community to explore personalised approaches to well-being and connect with experts who understand the journey to overcoming fatigue.

Join us on this journey towards better well-being.

The Salus Community

The Salus Closed Facebook community is a place where its members can share experiences and offer positive peer support. Salus actively encourages its members to celebrate both large and small gains.

Our Health Practitioners deliver regular live events, with a strong emphasis on nutrition, mind and body. We recognise that we are all on our own wellbeing journey and suggest our community members take just one thing away from the live sessions that they feel they can confidently implement and add to their wellbeing tool box.

The Live sessions are also broadcast on our Open Facebook Page enabling members to share with friends and family so they might gain a better understanding of the challenges managing fatigue can present. This may also provide insights into how they can offer support at home, perhaps by choosing to make lifestyle changes themselves.

The Closed Facebook Group also offers a safe forum for people to discuss and ask questions to others who are going through a similar journey.

A back catalogue of Facebook Live events can be found and revisited on our free Community Hub. https://my.salus.org.uk/community-hub/

Salus workshop

From Burn Out to Brilliance

Linda Jones CEO of Salus Fatigue Foundation shares her remarkable experience. It is possible to manage your way back to improved health after becoming a complete shell of who you once were. Many people recovering from Covid 19 will be all too aware of the debilitating fatigue they are facing.

Linda found a way to recover which inspired her to help over 15,000 people affected by fatigue alongside her passionate team and health practitioners.