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Expert help and guidance to combat fatigue from the comfort of your own home. 100% not for profit and for a great cause.

About salus

Salus Fatigue Foundation is a not for profit organisation that provides support, education and help in the long term to inspire people living with fatigue related conditions to improve their health and wellbeing.

We have supported 15,000 people through both our awareness work and helping people make change in their lives. We have over 10 years of experience, knowledge and understanding of what works for people and within our communities.


Salus began by offering informal, relaxed face to face support groups and workshops led by the Salus team and its experienced, qualified Health practitioners. Salus has delivered education and advice through shared lived experience which has helped empowered people to take small steps to better manage and improve their symptoms and overall health.

fatigue wellbeing hub

Within the last year we have developed an online Fatigue Wellbeing HUB where you can have access to Health & Wellbeing education with a strong focus to Fatigue Management – anywhere at any time

our community

We have a Facebook Community where our Health Practitioners deliver regular live events, with a strong emphasis on nutritionmind and body.  The Closed Facebook Group also offers a safe forum for people to discuss and ask questions, share, support and engage with people.

burnout to brilliance

Linda Jones CEO of Salus Fatigue Foundation shares her remarkable experience. It is possible to manage your way back to improved health after becoming a complete shell of who you once were. Many people recovering from Covid 19 will be all too aware of the debilitating fatigue they are facing.

Linda found a way to recover which inspired her to help over 15,000 people affected by fatigue alongside her passionate team and health practitioners.

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As the world is quickly evolving around us, we have decided to make our services digitally accessible to everyone with a computer, tablet or smart phone! The past year we have been working hard to offer our knowledge and expertise on a brand new platform called the ‘Fatigue Wellbeing Hub’.

Once you subscribe to the Fatigue Wellbeing Hub, you will begin your 90 day course. It is broken down into 13 different modules which will be released week by week. After completing your 90 day course, we will begin to concentrate on specific topics beginning with Month 4: Nutrition moving onto Month 5: Sleep. You will have continual access to additional courses with your subscription including; Mind Corner, Pilates Corner, Nutrition Corner, Book Corner & Menopause Series.

Don’t worry… we understand not everyone is tech savvy so we have made it easy for you to download and print out our fact sheets and work sheets at home! 

Digitally accessible guidance

Qualified health practitioners

Tailored classes and courses

Who can benefit and our Case studies

Through our experience we understand that it is not only people who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME that are affected by fatigue. At Salus we support people with a range of conditions resulting in fatigue including:

Anxiety / Depression Brain InjuryCancer | CFS/ME FibromyalgiaHormonal ImbalancePost-Traumatic StressCoeliacCovid 19


fatigue and cancer
faitgue and brain injury
fatigue and post traumatic
Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
fatigue and anxiety/ ceoliac

our response to the coronavirus pandemic


Students and NHS workers are eligible to receive a 10% discount. Please email info@salus.org.uk to find out more.  A study has shown that one of the major long-term symptoms is extreme tiredness/ fatigue. Our online Fatigue Wellbeing HUB can help support you with fatigue management due to Covid-19.

Click Here to find out more about Coronavirus and Fatigue.

why choose salus?

All money is a charitable contribution to enable us to continue to do what we do best.

Our HUB is quickly evolving. We are working hard to continually add new features and content each month!

You will have access to support from the Salus Team throughout your journey.

All advice and knowledge comes from our fully qualified Health Practitioners who have proven results in improving peoples health.

Salus has got over 10 years experience and has helped over 15,000 people affected by fatigue – we know our stuff!


“I was a breaking point before I found Salus and getting invaluable advice and support which helped me manage my condition more effectively and vastly improve my health.”

“I don’t think I am being too dramatic when I say Salus has saved my life! Supportive, educational, inspirational. I am proud of my recovery and forever grateful. ”

The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub is really good with lots of support on a whole range of topics. It is ideal for anyone who cannot come into Salus to help you on your wellbeing journey.”

“I have learnt so much, come off prescription drugs, eat healthier and know more about pacing and supplements.”

“The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub has been a real lifesaver for me. I have been able to access all the information in the comfort of my own home at times that fit around family and commitments.”