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Clean and Green at Salus


Here at Salus Fatigue Foundation, we know the benefits of being kind to ourselves, our thoughts, words, movement, and nutrition. What we put in and on our bodies can have significant benefits and impact our physical, mental and emotional health.

And with this in mind, we are trying to be kind in our working environment and our planet. Here is how we do it;

  1. We encourage all staff and beneficiaries to use natural body products and sprays around the house
  2. The tea bags we use are recycled and go into a little pot before being taken to compost. 
  3. We also compost our apple cores, banana skins, and other plant-based food waste. This then gets used in one of our team member's gardens, and we benefit from the cooking apples grown in the compost.
  4. The nature of our work now means we are very rarely printing, but any paper and card are recycled (we use single-sided printed paper as our note pads). 
  5. Any single-use plastic, which is rare now, is also recycled if it cannot be used to store stationery.
  6. The weekly waste we produce and take out as refuse is such a tiny amount now.
  7. We have bamboo cloths for washing and wiping down surfaces, reducing our use of kitchen towels. These cloths can be washed and reused, then eventually cut up and composted.
  8. Make it clean and green- white wine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda make an excellent multi-surface cleaner, making the sink sparkle. A drop or two of essential oil or lemon juice masks the odour of vinegar. This way, we avoid chemicals in the air and on the surfaces. 

Why not look into how you can make your space clean and green?

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