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Brassed off; Signs and symptoms of fatigue


Are you BRASSED off?

B -Brain fog, you can't remember the last sentence you said, what you were about to do next, how to spell simple words, why your car keys are in the fridge!

R -Restlessness, you may find it difficult to pace and are boom or bust, always on the go trying to do everything but totally and utterly exhausted. Almost unable to stop, fidgety and uncomfortable.

A -Anxious. You may feel anxious with or without any reason. You might have heart flutters, breathing is shallow or you may find it difficult to switch off and relax

S -Sensory issues, you may be very sensitive to light, sound or touch. You might be left feeling exhausted by listening to the TV or family members chatting. The slightest thing might cause great pain or an accumulation of movements (eg vacuuming the floors) might result in muscle pain and joint stiffness for days after.

S -Sleep. You may get 10 hours yet wake feeling exhausted and totally unrefreshed. You may snatch and fight at sleep tossing and turning feeling like sleep is your enemy.

E -Energy, you may feel like you have sandbags for muscles or that someone switched your blood to treacle. You don't know whether to use today's energy to wash your hair or to eat food. You might feel like you can't even maintain your body temperature and feel very cold a lot of the time.

D -Digestion. You may feel like your gut has forgotten how to work properly, churning and stopping and starting, your old favourite foods now becoming your worst enemies.

If you are experiencing several of these you may have a fatigue related condition. We can all feel some of these things at times but if you experience many of them for longer periods of time might it might be worth checking with your GP or medical practitioner.

On the good news front help is at hand. There are things that you can do to help individually and collectively with these symptoms.

For more help and advice head to www.salus.org.uk or sign up to the Fatigue Wellbeing Hub.

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