Like many of our beneficiaries, Jane was an active person with a challenging career and busy home life when she became ill.

Once she found SALUS, she fully embraced the support on offer, in particular the Nutrition expertise. This quickly began to make an enormous difference not only to her own life but to that of her family.

Just over a year ago I was struggling with teaching, a secondary school PE teacher who couldn’t even put the trampoline out never mind demonstrate moves. I was also teaching massage but I was hurting through fingers, wrists, elbows. Cold rugby pitches were awful places when everything was hurting and I could not get myself warm.

I also found more and more that I was not able to dress myself easily, I was collapsing in lessons, being driven home on multiple occasions. Reading and writing became challenging if I was over tired, the futon was where I spent many a night in order that I could give my husband a better night’s sleep. I was in pain and discomfort most nights and struggled to feel refreshed enough to get up in the morning.

A lot of this will resonate with a lot of people. I was determined that I would recover from this quickly and carrying on with teaching, being a wife and mum, running marathons and being fit and active. My body had other plans and realised a lot needed to change and mostly for the better.

“After being signed off work for a good long while my GP suggested Salus.

That one chance comment from her was, I believe, an integral part of me being the happier, healthier person I am today – on my road to recovery.”

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