Cath, aged 45 from Sutton Coldfield led a busy challenging life, being divorced with three children and working as a teacher.

With exhaustion and stress taking their toll and a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2010 she could not see a way forward until a friend introduced her to Salus Fatigue Foundation and her journey towards recovery began.

Before developing CFS I led an active & healthy lifestyle bringing up three young children and working as a primary school teacher.

The onset of CFS began with a viral infection; this then led to symptoms including IBS, depression, debilitating fatigue, speech difficulty, joint pain and panic attacks.

This impacted my life with difficulty caring and providing for my children, work absence, needing a walking stick, taking medications with side effects (worsening symptoms of IBS), and creating social isolation from friends and family.

A big turning point came in 2011 when a friend took me along to a Salus Support Group as I needed someone to bring me along as I couldn’t drive! I had seen a local newspaper article about Salus and was unsure about contacting them but once I had attended I was so inspired by the positive supportive environment and being with other people who understood exactly how I felt, my isolation ended. I began to make new friends.

“Cath was not able to string a sentence together when she came along to her first support group” (Ron, Salus)

In 2013 I started to attend education sessions helping me to make some positive changes with nutrition and pacing: very effective for me. Relaxation classes helped me to manage stress levels while Qigong sessions enabled me to slowly regain energy levels. Through Salus I have discovered natural approaches to managing and improving my condition.

“I thought the top of the mountain was just beyond the clouds but discovered it was in fact only Base Camp. After my initial disappointment I decided to pitch my tent and rest a while. When I sat back I could see exactly how far I had come and was overwhelmed by the realisation that the foot of the mountain, where my journey had begun, was no longer in sight. In that moment I understood why my back ached and my feet were sore. I also looked up towards the summit and visualised the amazing view that must await. There’s no telling how rocky the path or how long the journey but I know the view is spectacular! Enjoy your journey!” (Cath)

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