My Journey With CFS


's story

Before I became unwell, I enjoyed life as a happily married woman with a wonderful husband and a career I loved working in a private school.

We had a great social life as a couple and enjoyed many holidays abroad. Then I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I was fun loving, happy, healthy and active.

I started to feel extremely fatigued and my body would cease to work for me. I put it down to being a new mother and carried on the best I could, until I started to experience unbearable pain which resulted in my gallbladder being removed. I never recovered fully from it. I went on to have my second little boy, which was a happy time in my life but my life began to be very restricted. I had to cancel going out with friends and found everyday things hard to do. Eventually I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was signed off work. I attended counselling and was left feeling hopeless.

After ten years of depression on and off, extreme fatigue, nerve pain, numbness, joint and muscle pain, going back and forth to chiropractors and wondering what was wrong with me I finally got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist. It was a relief to now know what was happening to me. The advice was to take medication and walk for fifteen minutes a day which I found impossible. My hours at work had to be dramatically dropped and I struggled to do anything on the other days. Again I felt hopeless, until one day my husband came home from work saying that he had been chatting to a lovely lady called Linda about my condition. She had given him information about Salus. I finally found a life line.

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