Wellbeing at the Workplace

Investing in the health of your employees is investing in the health of your business

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Wellbeing at the Workplace

Salus Fatigue Foundation recognises the impact and pressures that modern life has, both inside and outside work, and the importance of wellbeing in the workplace in the prevention of long-term mental health or fatigue related conditions. We know that creating a positive healthy environment in which to work is key to productivity as well employee retention and happiness

How does work-related stress affect your organisation?

The latest information from the Labour Force Survey shows:
✓ Nearly 26 million working days were lost in one year due to self-reported work-related illness and this accounts for 37% of work-related ill health
✓ STRESS – DEPRESSION – ANXIETY accounted for 45% of these lost days with a an average of 24 days lost per case


How much does this cost your organisation?

✓ Those most at risk of developing work-related stress are in professional, technical, or administrative occupations
✓ The main industry groups affected are Health and Human Services, Education, and Public Admin and Defence

How can Salus help?

✓ Qualified Health Practitioners will deliver bespoke health and wellbeing sessions in your workplace
✓ Interactive workshops focusing on recognising everyday pressures that create stress that lead to illness
✓ Tips, tools, and techniques to improve health and wellbeing with a lasting life-long impact
✓ Energised, healthier, and happier employees



“Safe to say, your talk was everyone’s high point and lasting memory from the conference”

“Quick anecdote: my seat was angled such that I could see very many of my colleague’s faces while we all listened to you…that image will stay with me alongside your words”


“Linda, just want to echo the myriad thoughts and multiple thanks of BLF colleagues – all of us appreciated your talk within Day Two of the all-England regions conference at BLF’s offices, Birmingham”


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