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Support Groups

Support groups

Monthly Support Groups

Our support groups are run in an open and friendly manner, you may come and go as you please and if you need to take some time-out, that’s fine. This is an opportunity to meet new people, find out more about what Salus offers and be with people who understand how you feel living with a fatigue condition. On occasion we have a guest speaker talking about a related subject to support fatigue conditions and we have plenty of time for sharing experiences and making new friends over a cup of tea.

Salus also offers a number of educational workshops and activity sessions which are delivered as part of the Support Group schedule or as stand-alone courses. Please see our calendar for details.





A structured multi-session programme with hand-outs covering Staying Hydrated, Facts About Fibre, Reducing Inflammation, Protein & Essential Fatty Acids, Anti-Nutrients, Reducing Toxic Load, Eating To Beat Stress, Immune Boosting Foods. This course empowers you to make positive changes to what you eat and drink to help better manage your condition and understand how food can be used as a medicine.


A session to explore ways of pacing yourself on a daily basis to help maintain energy levels and make you more aware of how certain activities mental and physical can drain you. Daily activities such as showering, dressing and brushing hair should all be classed as exercise while effective pacing may help you break the cycle of burning out and needing to rest for long periods to recover.

Stress Management

All health conditions can be aggravated by stress so therefore managing stress can itself help improve your condition. You are educated on the effects of the fight or flight response while learning about ways to access the rest and digest part of your nervous system which helps recovery of health conditions. This workshop is helpful if you are aware you are stressed but also if you feel you are not stressed as sometimes we may not recognise that we are stressed and this can exacerbate symptoms.

Sleep Strategies

Most people with a fatigue condition state they have an irregular sleep pattern which can be preventing effective management or improvement of your condition. We can help you identify how poor sleep quality may be linked to your symptoms. In this workshop we will explore different ways of improving sleep length, quality, times while identifying potential sleep disruptors and the functions of sleep in relation to improving our health and wellbeing.

Pain Management

This workshop looks at many different ways of managing pain from natural methods to monitoring of medications and integrating both together. Your will learn about the different types of pain, how pain is processed by the brain and learn a multitude new ideas about how you can manage pain more effectively through breathing exercises, meditation, sleep foods & fluids, herbal medicines, acupressure points and much more.


Relaxation and Energy

Relaxation and Energy


This is gentle mat based stretching combined with slow deep breathing. You can take it at your own pace and rest when you need to. The instructor is fully aware of the potential limitations of fatigue conditions and will help guide you with adaptations for postures and pacing your efforts! Yoga can be useful for improving flexibility, pain management, easing stress, cultivating better breathing habits, calming the mind and building strength.


This is the original Tai-Chi style exercise being practised in China for thousands of years. It has the benefit of being able to be carried out sitting down while using less complex movement patterns than Tai-Chi, with mainly the upper body movements. Qigong consists of slow gentle movements and deep breathing to create a moving form of meditation. Benefits for fatigue conditions include raising energy levels, mental clarity, pain relief, easing stress and creating a feeling of deep relaxation.

Visualisation & Meditation

A guided relaxation and meditation session, suitable for people of all levels. Our experienced instructor will show you techniques for quietening your mind and calming your body to develop inner stillness and a peaceful state. Using breathing exercises, positive intentions, guided imagery you can cultivate a self-help technique for improving your quality of life, stress relief, improving sleep, a positive state mind and goal setting.


Supporting Health

Supporting Healh


In this workshop you will learn about different types of essential oils and carrier oils, their application to support you and your family’s health and how to read labels on toiletries which may contain harsh chemicals. Topics covered include first aid in the home, soothing muscle pain, improving sleep, easing stress, balancing hormones and natural skin care. You will be able to mix your own essential oils to take away with you and use at home.

Other Salus Activities

Salus has also offered a number of other sessions in the recent past to support people with CFS/ME and their families and carers and we hope to return to some of these in future.

Group Counselling Sessions

Here you are offered a safe place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable. It allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen attentively and to help you improve your wellbeing. Counselling provides a regular time and space for you to talk about your troubles and explore difficult feelings with a trained professional. This can help you to deal with specific problems, cope with a crisis, improve your relationships, or develop better ways of living with your health condition..

Family & Friends Support Group

A chance to meet friends and family of those with fatigue conditions and to share your experiences over a cup of tea and to ask Salus staff any questions. This can be a powerful therapy as you realise you are not alone with some of the challenges faced with fatigue conditions and the sharing of experiences can provide you with a deeper understanding of how to support your family member or friend.

Walking Group

A friendly group meeting for a gentle stroll in Sutton Park for some fresh air, gentle exercise and social interaction with other people with fatigue conditions. You walk as far as is comfortable for yourself or even just sit at the meeting point to say hello and catch up with friends. The natural outdoor environment is a powerful therapy for cleansing the lungs, oxygenating your body, topping up vitamin D levels, connecting to nature while easing stress and ending the isolation sometimes experienced with fatigue conditions.

Drop In Support Session

An opportunity to drop-in to the Salus centre without booking to ask any questions you may have about Salus activities and services over a cup of tea. You may need some guidance on which activities to attend, reflect on your progress so far, enquire about becoming a volunteer or need signposting for additional support from one of our network partners.