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CMRC LogoSalus Joins Professional Research Body

Salus is now a Professional Member of the UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative. This important body has been set up to further CFS/ME research for the future.

Salus has been accepted in recognition of the support and education work being carried out in our own specialised centre and participation in our ongoing research project in partnership with Staffordshire University.  Being a member of the UK CMRC will enable Salus be kept up to date with the latest findings in the world of CFS/ME.

The UK CMRC is supported by the Medical Research Council, the National Institute of Health Research and the Wellcome Trust.

About the Research Team

The Charity has formed a team of Health Professionals for research and development purposes for monitoring and improving people’s health who live with chronic fatigue and related conditions.

Salus’ Research team is working with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Staffordshire University to carry out an ethically approved study and service evaluation. Working with Tony Stewart, Professor in Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Staffordshire University and Dr Liz Boath, Salus is currently conducting a service evaluation over a 24 month period in which beneficiaries with CFS/ME are being invited to participate. The evaluation is an observational study, and the outcome of the service is being evaluated in terms of improvement in pre/post measurements of a range of scales. It is employing both quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitatively, at baseline and six-monthly intervals thereafter, all beneficiaries participating will be asked to complete the SF-12, Chalder Fatigue Scale and STAR Outcomes (Triangle 2013) scales. Focus groups and case studies will form the basis of the qualitative approach.

The outcome will demonstrate the impact of the work of Salus on its beneficiaries, and will help to gather evidence of effective services for people with CFS/ME, the savings in health and care costs as well as the benefits to the individuals themselves.

Research Team Members

– Professor Tony Stewart

An experienced NHS Consultant in Public Health, Professor Stewart has worked in the health service since 1993, having senior level responsibility for many public health areas including cervical and breast cancer screening, children, sexual health, eye services, maternity and perinatal mortality, health needs assessment and R&D. Previous posts include founding a Master of Public Health award at a West Midlands University, as well as working as a systematic reviewer. Prior to his present appointment, he was Visiting Professor in Epidemiology at Staffordshire University.

Professor Stewart has strong links with the Faculty of Public Health, the Royal Society for Public Health and West Midlands Public Health Training Scheme, and holds a number of Honorary Consultant posts. He has published many research papers, as well as textbooks on clinical audit, medical statistics and epidemiology.


– Christine Lloyd B.M.B.S MRCGP

Christine is a GP in the local area. She became ill with a virus in February 2010 and did not recover as expected. She was eventually diagnosed with M.E. The turning point in her recovery was after attending a support group meeting of the Salus Fatigue Foundation. With the support & guidance of Linda & Ron and other members of the group she recovered enough to resume working in February 2011 and she is now well on her way to a full recovery. Without the support of this group she is sure she would not be as well as she is now. She now has much more understanding about CFS/ME and related illnesses, and through her personal experience has developed an interest in helping people to regain their health from illnesses that the medical profession usually see as ‘incurable’.


– Dr Liz Boath

Liz is a Reader in Health. She has over 20 years experience in health research and evaluation using both qualitative and quantitative research methods and critical appraisal. She has particular expertise in postnatal depression and service user and carer involvement and has published widely in these areas including papers, books, toolkits and web based materials.
Liz has obtained commissioned research from the Department of Health, PCTs and Foundation Trusts as well as other agencies. She is a National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a teaching Excellence Fellow. These awards recognise her teaching expertise and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.


– Linda Jones

Linda has a wealth of experience in management and training roles. As a qualified therapist in health and wellbeing, together with overcoming ME/CFS Linda has empathy and understanding in supporting people who live with fatigue related conditions. With Linda’s background in management and improved health she has established the Foundation providing appropriate support, advice and education.


– Lynn Carpenter MA ACII

Lynn has a wealth of experience in quality management, development and research in the field of adult education, specialising in adult basic skills. Originally an insurance underwriter, Lynn became a qualified and experienced senior manager and teacher in adult and further education.
After gaining an MA in Managing Educational Organisations, Lynn moved into a senior national development and research role with the Basic Skills Agency and then on to the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE). With wide and varied experience in organisational strategic management and quality improvement, Lynn also has qualifications in Prince2 project management.

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