Information for Practitioners

Whatever your area of practice, Salus Fatigue Foundation can offer a supporting service for your patients, their families, friends or carers affected by ME/CFS and fatigue related conditions.

At Salus our activities adhere to NICE guidelines and the latest research in the field of CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia. Our own network of professionals provides advice, support and education through our range of daily activities. Support groups, education workshops, Qigong, relaxation and wellbeing sessions, walking groups (Pacing/GET) and meditation sessions take place in venues across Birmingham.

We support people to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing through a self-management approach and our education programmes include subjects such as nutrition, pacing, sleep strategies, immune support, and stress and pain management. Our wellbeing activities include relaxation and meditation, aromatherapy and how our thinking influences our lives.

We elicit and analyse people’s views and feedback for all our activities. Our research team are currently conducting an ethically approved service evaluation with Staffordshire University. The study will be completed in February 2016 and the results will be published.

We invite you to refer your patients and their family/carers to us for the extra support they need, knowing you are placing your trust in an established organisation experienced in supporting people with fatigue related conditions. Salus is run by people who themselves have effectively managed their own health and wellbeing whilst living with ME/CFS, enabling us to develop and provide our services with empathy and a deeper understanding.

Here at Salus Fatigue Foundation we wish to build strong connections within the framework of the various organisations and practitioners supporting people with fatigue related conditions. Please get in touch if you require any further information. Email: