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Stress Less! – Wednesday 19 July

Our Harmony Life Balance sessions continue with a look at how we can respond to stress.

Come along to our Stress Mess to Stress Less workshop to explore techniques to release stress and anxiety.

The sessions will continue once a month (usually on the third Wednesday of the month) at The Salus Sanctuary – until November (no session in August).

20th September  Anchors Away!! 
To Sail that Placebo!! Anchors and Placebos – releasing old anchors, creating new ones and working with the Placebo.

18th October  The Art of Self-Hypnosis and Affirmations!! 
Introduction on the benefits of Self-Hypnosis and how to use it to create positive change.

15th November  Conclusion  ‘Harmony Life Balance’ using the Power of Your Mind!! 
Maintaining and using the techniques from the course to empower your life. Open question section.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

Full details are on our calendar.

Alkalising the Body – Tuesday 25 July

The third of three special Nutrition sessions looking at how we can balance pH levels in the body with Health Practitioner Kate Johnson.

Did you know that to stay healthy, your body needs to remain in a slightly alkaline state? Sugar, meat, dairy, refined grains and other processed foods have been considered in some circumstances to be ‘acidifying’. Find out why leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds in contrast have been thought of as ‘alkalising’ and why some fruit although acidic in itself can be regarding as having an ‘alkalising’ effect.

Join us for our third session on Alkalising the Body on Tuesday 25th July to discover new ideas to improve and expand your diet.

To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

Healing Properties of Ginger, Turmeric and Chilli – 26 July

Could your spice rack also be a hidden medicine cabinet? Not only do they taste great, but some of our favourite spices also have interesting healing functions. Did you know that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties? Or that turmeric is a potent antioxidant? Or that Chilli peppers have amazingly high levels of vitamins and minerals? To find out how you can add these tasty spices to your diet to pep up your food and improve your health and share some great recipes, join us at our Harborne Support Group on Wednesday 26th July at Moor Pool Hall to find out more.

We’ll be meeting in the lower hall from 1pm to 2.30pm.

All are welcome – no need to book.

Meditation with Marion – last Thursday of the month


We are very pleased to welcome health practitioner Marion Parry who joins us on the last Thursday of each month at our Salus Sanctuary in Sutton Coldfield (no session in August).

Marion will be leading a lovely calming session focusing on relaxation, positive affirmations and the opportunity to spend time nurturing yourself.


To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

Walls of Protection: Conflict – Thursday 14th September

hand-holding-bowl-cropA new series of workshops with health practitioner Bridget Slattery.

brick by brick… stone by stone…. we have been creating blocks in life

Each session we will talk about removing a stone at a time and looking at some of the Causes and Effects.

The next session on 14th September will be looking at Foregiveness and will take place at The Salus Sanctuary at 11am.

The Walls of Protection workshops are a follow-up to Bridget’s popular Wellbeing Journey Go Within or Go Without which took people through a transition from the start of their day onwards, with different steps each month to support  a feeling of improved general wellbeing. These new sessions are open to newcomers and to those who came to her previous sessions and wish to continue their journey.


To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

Summer Walk – Tuesday 18th July

Join us for a short stroll in Cannon Hill Park, followed by a well-deserved cuppa!

Walking is a wonderful way to relax and reduce stress and gentle exercise can improve both physical health and feelings of wellbeing.

 Meet at 2pm at the main door to the mac (Midland Arts Centre) which is near to the box office and shop. The walk will be followed by the chance to sit and have a drink and a chat in the café. There will be plenty of opportunity to rest during the walk and you can return to the café at any point.

This walk will be led by our volunteer Nicky.

Balancing Blood Sugar Levels – Tuesday 4th July

FruitAre you currently on a roller-coaster of highs and crashes? It could be that big swings in your blood sugar levels are to blame. Find out what causes these and how you can put in place a healthier diet and a better routine to help manage energy levels.

Join nutritionist Debi-Ann Wrigglesworth for Balancing Blood Sugar Levels at The Salus Sanctuary at 10.30am on Tuesday 4th July 2017 to find out more.

Please note the earlier start time of 10.30am for this session.


To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

Nutrition in South Birmingham, 4th July – Anti-nutrients…

…and Reducing the Body’s Toxic Load.

Do you reach straight for a tea or coffee after your meal? Did you know that caffeine and tannin can affect the absorption of some minerals by the body?

Come along to our next South Birmingham Nutrition session on Tuesday 4th July 2017, 1.30pm at All Saints Centre in Kings Heath to find out more. Nutritionist Debi-Ann Wrigglesworth will be exploring the subjects of Anti-nutrients and also looking at how you can reduce the body’s toxic load. Essential information!

To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

Eating to Beat Stress – Tuesday 27th June

Find out why the food we eat can have an impact on how we feel. Learn more about how cutting down on sugar, eating foods rich in magnesium and protein and adding anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric and ginger to your diet can help reduce stress.

Join nutritionist Debi-Ann Wrigglesworth for Eating to Beat Stress at The Salus Sanctuary at 11am on Tuesday 27th June to find out more.

To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

Job Opportunity with Salus

We are now recruiting a part-time Communications Support Officer with funding from the Big Lottery Fund to effectively support and manage the development and input of content to the charity’s website, social media and other outlets. The post will be based at the Salus Sanctuary in Sutton Coldfield and will require some travel to our outreach centres across Birmingham and Solihull. We are looking for individuals with knowledge, understanding and awareness of the needs of people with ME/CFS and fatigue related conditions.

Hours per week: 10
Salary: £19,625 pro-rata

For a full application pack please email Salus Fatigue Foundation:

Closing date: 5 pm on Wednesday 21 June 2017 (Applications will not be accepted after this date)

Interviews will take place on Thursday 29 June 2017

For more information, visit:

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