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At Salus, we work closely with health professionals to our mutual advantage. We have enabled a range of practitioners to increase their understanding and build their capacity to support people with CFS/ME/FMS. For example GPs and health professionals have changed their approach to recognising early signs, diagnosing and referral. At the same time we have been able to offer an improved service for beneficiaries by influencing attitudes and the understanding of a wider community of interest. This in turn is having a lasting impact on beneficiaries when they leave the project for example by our working with different departments across all local hospitals. Our personal development planning process includes a ‘what next’ discussion and we have ensured that beneficiaries have an extended range of networks in place for accessing additional support on a personal, financial and health level.

We will continue to further strengthen our local networks and relationships, in order to share ideas, knowledge and evidence. Bringing services together leads to an enhanced, more joined-up provision for our beneficiaries and helps us to achieve our project outcomes.

We are open to and engage readily with new approaches. We have built good working relationships with diverse groups and organisations which enables us to continually improve our service, reach more people and support others to develop their own ideas and practice. For example our partnership work with Birmingham Healthy Minds has been shown to enhance their limited NHS funded provision, enabling beneficiaries to receive a wider range of on-going support through referral to Salus.

Salus Fatigue Foundation - Endorsement List

You can refer to Salus Fatigue Foundation safe in the knowledge that our organisation has been endorsed by a wide range of other health professionals.

The following currently refer to Salus:

Clinical commissioning Groups:

  • Birmingham South Central – Dr Andrew Coward
  • NHS Birmingham CrossCity – Dr Aquil Chaudary
  • Sandwell & West Birmingham

Carol Herity – Head of Partnerships Birmingham CrossCity CCG

Steve Connelly / Dr Raichura – ACE Excellence CrossCity CCG – All ( LCN ) Local Commissioning Network groups. All GPs and practice managers across Birmingham have access to our services within their monthly newsletters that are sent through the LCN groups for each area.

Medical organisations / Professional people:

Dr Christine Lloyd is part of our board of trustees and delivers educational presentations to GPs and medical staff.

Consultant Dr A Huissoon – Heartlands Hospital & Park Way hospital including the immunology and pathology teams. Referral Pathway

NHS Birmingham Healthy Minds South/ Central / North groups – two-way referral pathway

Gateway family services

ME Research UK

CMRC – UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative / we are an approved professional member to this organisation.

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