Alkalising the body – new course starts 5th September

Is your body alkaline or acidic? To stay healthy, your body needs to remain in a slightly alkaline state and a diet high in alkaline foods aims to reduce the strain and effort put on the body when processing acidic foods. But which are acidic and which alkaline? Foods like meat, dairy and other processed foods have been considered in some circumstances to be ‘acidifying’ whereas leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds in contrast have been thought of as ‘alkalising’ and even fruit such as lemons, although acidic in themselves can be regarding as having an ‘alkalising’ effect.

To discover more, join us for the first session of the four-part nutrition course on Tuesday 5th September at the Marjorie Allen room in the All Saints Centre, where we will be looking at how we can balance pH levels in the body with Health Practitioner Kate Johnson.


To book, please email: or leave a message on 07809 246 674.

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