about salus

Salus Fatigue Foundation is a not for profit organisation providing a unique lifeline for people affected by Fatigue.

Using our experience of developing and delivering on-going support, education and advice to people affected by this often misunderstood and silent condition, our services provide the opportunity for a life changing experience. A life changed can mean a whole family and community is helped.

From our work we know the devastating impact that Fatigue can have on peoples’ lives, physically, mentally and emotionally. We listen, learn and respond to the things that matter to people. Our beneficiaries feel better equipped to face challenges and future opportunities. Our specialist support programme has been shaped by the needs of our beneficiaries having a direct involvement in developing the activities we provide. 


A world in which every person affected by Fatigue has access to positive support and the opportunity to participate in all aspects of life. Salus aims to promote and protect the good health of people who live with fatigue and related conditions, through advice, on-line support and The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub.


Salus Fatigue Foundation helps to improve the lives of people affected by Fatigue by taking positive steps together.

Salus’ services are delivered by qualified health practitioners. Salus does not provide, advocate or promote the use of services that claim to provide a cure, or imply they provide medically approved relief, from symptoms experienced through CFS/ME and fatigue related conditions.



Our relaxed, positive and calm approach to understanding your needs helps you realise that you are not alone. Making contact with Salus is the first step to improving your health.


Our expert team and qualified Health Practitioners understand fatigue and connect with you. We help you understand your condition and its symptoms to make a positive difference.


Our positive online support provides you with the opportunity to share with others who are experiencing similar conditions. Friends and families are very welcome.


Our online HUB gives you the knowledge, understanding and confidence to self-manage your condition and improve your health, with a strong focus on areas such as Nutrition, Immunity, Sleep, Pacing, Relaxation, Movement Pain and Stress Management.


Our Closed Facebook Group allows you to interact with others on a similar journey and gain positive support and education on a friendly safe platform.


The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub has been designed to extend the accessibility of the knowledge and expertise available at Salus. We understand that it is not only people who have been diagnosed with CFS/ME that experience  fatigue  At Salus we  work with clients with a range of primary conditions including;

Anxiety & Depression | Brain Injury | Cancer | Coeliac | Covid 19  | CFS/ME | Fibromyalgia | Hormonal Imbalance | Post-Traumatic | Stress 

You can benefit from the Salus Programme, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are in your wellbeing journey, through our online Fatigue Wellbeing Hub, Community Hub, social media pages and Closed Facebook Group.

We are governed by a Board of Trustees appointed on the basis of their skills and experience. They bring a range of expertise   and understanding enabling Salus to follow and fulfil its objectives and outcomes.