About Salus

Over the years, the delivery of our work has been shaped by local need, with our beneficiaries having a direct involvement in helping to develop all the activities that we provide.

cropped-Group-logo-small.jpgUsing our experiences of developing and delivering long-term support, education and advice to people affected by this very misunderstood and silent condition, our services provide a life changing experience. A life changed can mean a whole family and community helped.

From our work we know the devastating impact that CFS/ME/FMS can have on peoples’ lives, both physically and psychologically. We listen, learn and act on the things that matter to people and give them access to our tailor-made programme to maintain and restore their health and wellbeing. Our beneficiaries are equipped and engaged through access to support and education to continually grow their confidence to face challenges and future opportunities.

Our holistic approach spans 4 themes:

1. direct therapeutic and educational support including counselling and core topics e.g. management of stress, nutrition, sleep, pain, pacing and life skills;

2. education and support for professionals and families and friends;

3. education and awareness raising with health professionals and the general community;

4. support through social media where beneficiaries are able to access what they need anytime, anywhere.

Our Beneficiaries’ Stories

Find out about the effect Salus has had on people’s lives by reading some of our beneficiaries’ stories told in their own words.

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